Electronic Automatic Drain Valve With Timer

  ESSAAR Equipments offers a wide range of automatic condensate drain valves with electronic timers suitable for use in various site conditions. 

Moisture And Oil Filter

A filter system to absorb and separate water and oil vapors from gases comprising a cylindrical container connectable in a supply line for said gases 

Air Cooled After Cooler With Moisture Separator And Auto Drain Valve

The Fins of the Air Cooled after Cooler can get clogged with dust. The Compressed air discharged by air compressor contains a considerable quantity of water in the form of vapour.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are used in a variety of applications in industries. Pressure vessels are designed to operate safely at a specific pressure and temperature.

Cooling Tower Spares

We are proud to be one of best Cooling tower spares manufacturers in Coimbatore, India. We are manufacturing cooling tower spares like Aluminium fan, sprinkler, Motor and PVC Fills according to our clients requirements.

Industrial Water Chiller

Industrial water chillers are built with heavy duty refrigerant, electrical and coolant components and will withstand the harsh reality of the industrial environment.

Heat Exchangers

We are the Pioneers in manufacturing Heat exchangers, Oil coolers with full fledge design planning, quality control, Laboratory and Testing departments undertakes repairs also.

DRY Cooling Tower

DRY Cooling Tower is used for Diesel Gensets, Air Compressors, Injection moulding machines, Rubber and Tyre Industries, Distilleries, Sugar mills, Fertilizer Plants and Petrochemicals.

Wooden Cooling Tower

  • Heavy duty heat transfer system with easy mechanism.
  • Water losses is completely controlled by louvers.

FRP Cooling Tower

 FRP Cooling Tower is used for all types of industries to cool the recycle water flow. Round Shape will give very good appearance and 100% cooling efficiency.

Cross Flow Cooling Tower

  • Cross Flow Cooling towers is one of the low maintanance, High efficiency Cooling tower because you can easily clean the fans while the tower is in operation and also the power 

Heatless Compressed Air Dryers

  • 100 % Oil and moisture free
  • Air Drier with a Deu Point of Minus 40oC.
  • Pre – Filter

Salient Features Of Refrigerated Air Dryers

  • Compact Steel Cabinet.
  • Maintanance free multiple – stage condensate seperator.
  • Solid state timer operated drain trap.
  • Solid state information system, Consisting of three digit LED temperature display with operating range from -20o C to +100o C.
  • Service gauge for refrigeration suction pressure.
  • Air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger with smooth surface copper tubes.