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 Essaar Equipments Coimbatore, India - Manufacturers of Refrigerated Air Dryer.

Salient Features of Refrigerated Air Dryers :
  • Compact Steel Cabinet.
  • Maintanance free multiple - stage condensate seperator.
  • Solid state timer operated drain trap.
  • Solid state information system, Consisting of three digit LED temperature display with operating range from -20o C to +100o C.
  • Service gauge for refrigeration suction pressure.
  • Air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger with smooth surface copper tubes.
  • Air-to-Air heat exchangers with smooth surface copper tubes.
  • Hermetically sealed / Open type refrigeration circuit.
  • Air cooled / water cooledrefrigeration condenser.
  • Puf insulation of all cold components to prevent condensation.
  • Unit filled with refrigerant and Oil.
  • Unit ready for connection to compressed air system and Power circuit. 
Refrigerated Air Dryer
Manufacturers of Refrigerated Air Dryers, Compressed Air Dryer Manufacturers - Suppliers, Exporters - Essaar Equipments, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
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